Using the colours of Autumn

May 23, 2012 § 3 Comments

Today as the sun was shining on the leaves of my Japanese Maple tree I was struck how beautiful the colours were. The leaves seemed to glow from inside somehow. I got to thinking about using the colours of nature in quilts. There are many palette generators on the web and so I thought I’d try a few using the photograph below. It’s interesting to see how different they can be. I’ve given the links to the sites I used so have play with some of your photos and see if you find inspiration.

My favourite

Of the three I used I think my favourite is as it gives more subtlety to the palette. For instance it shows four greens whereas uses only one and the palette generator doesn’t come up with any at all. If you have a play let me know how you go with it.


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§ 3 Responses to Using the colours of Autumn

  • Annette, VA says:

    Wow, I love this! It’s truely inspirational, especially since I had no idea about the palette generating websites! I love the first one, Palettefx, it seems to have so much more variation with each color. Thanks for sharing this, Munaiba

  • Linda says:

    Fall is my favorite season! I wish I could spend fall in the Northern Hemisphere and then go south and spend fall in the Southern Hemisphere! I would be a happy girl…. I think I like best, but it might be the way the swatches are presented rather than the colors. Hmmm, does that make me seem shallow??? lol

    xo Linda

  • Cherie Hoyle says:

    Thank you Munaiba, they’re the best tools I’ve seen for ages. It’s so inspirational

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