The menagerie

October 10, 2011 § 3 Comments

I’ve been taking pics of the cats (Tiggy and Roscoe)and the birds (Jamie and Shamsi)and I thought I’d share them with you. I’m posting the whole series of the two cats because I thought it was funny the way they looked at me, then at each other, then ignored each other.


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§ 3 Responses to The menagerie

  • barb JOHN says:

    hi Munaiba they are hilarious.Cats are amazing. barb

  • Linda says:

    Oh, they’re so cute! I thought Mr. Tiggy was your one and only. But, I can tell his number 1! He knows who’s the boss, doesn’t he… I used to have a Cockatiel, but we didn’t trim her wings like we should, and she got away. I was heartbroken. She loved me. When I came home from work, if I went into my room without scratching her neck, she would jump down and follow me, “yelling” at me all the way, until I did. She was so funny. I found her outside my Dr.’s office, just walking around. I guess she had run away from home before. I’m not able to take care of an animal anymore. I just can’t get around without a walker. I hate it. Thanks for sharing your babies.

    xo Linda

  • sandi says:

    gotta love those cats. i have 5 but am always commentig.(but i don’t have that color)lol

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