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October 8, 2011 § 14 Comments

I’ve been busy designing an appliqué wall quilt to go over my bed. I’ve drawn most of it. I think it just needs a little tweaking. Here’s a sneak peek at the design.

I’m currently piecing the background for it. The three fabrics I’m using I bought at the Village Sampler in NY State. I wish I’d bought more of them. They were just fat quarters on special ($1.50 each if I remember correctly) but I really like the duck egg blue of the designs. None of them have selvedges so I don’t even know who made the fabric or what it’s called. If you know please let me know as I’d like to have some more of these.

Here is the partially completed pieced background.

And here are the three fabrics I’m looking for.


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§ 14 Responses to What I’m working on

  • Annette in NC, USA says:

    Gorgeous fabric! The design looks good too.

  • Helen V says:

    Interesting background, soft and pretty. Pale blue is my favourite colour for our bedroom, but why have you cut it into narrow panels, or is that just how you have laid out the fat quarters folded up. Will it be padded like a bedhead? Turning off my internet tomorrow night and will be off for six weeks. Catch you when you when I get back

    • sewjournal says:

      Hi Helen
      I wanted the background to be pieced and as random as I could get without repetitions of adjacent fabrics. I also wanted the pieces to be more vertical than horizontal as the applique piece will be the opposite (i.e. wider than it is long)

  • Linda says:

    Wow! That is a beautiful design. What color are you planning on using for the applique? A different blue? Whatever you use will be gorgeous. I wish I knew what your background fabrics are called. If I see them I will surely let you know.

    xo Linda

    • sewjournal says:

      Thanks Linda
      I think I’m going to surprise everybody with my applique colours choices. You’ll have to wait and see… lol

  • Marié says:

    I think the design is beautiful. I have also recently pieced a background (in blue) for an apllique- unfortunately I made stars and it look more disturbing than pleasing. I think your idea of simple shapes is better

  • Julie Fukuda says:

    Very nice design. That is going to be lovely to watch the progress.

  • Lindi Jarman says:

    Hi Munaiba,
    Your fabrics looked very familiar so I went through my stash and have found a very similar fabric – same colour and similar design, but different again. Mine has the berries, similar but not the same flowers, and different leaves. It looks as if it could make the fourth in the set. :)Mine is a Timeless Treasures fabric – Patt#Amelia -C3927. If it is related, this might help. 🙂 Good luck!

  • betsy says:

    Your design is stunning!

  • Annette says:

    I love the design! I never could draw anything like that lol And I really like the background fabric. Can’t wait to see the colors for the design!

  • Doris says:

    Absolutely lovely! I am so envious of your drawing abilities! It’s certainly going to be a wow piece.

  • Debbie Madigan says:

    I love the design you’ve drafted, Munaiba. Those fabrics are gorgeous. I don’t recall ever seeing these in any of the shops I’ve been to but will keep my eye out for them now. I look forward to seeing your finished design.

  • Shaaryn says:

    try The Quilters Store in Salisbury in Brisbane. I think I might have seen something similar there yesterday. Love the applique design…you’re not thinking of doing an Esther and making it a mystery BOM at all are you??

  • Great drawing, wish i was so clever, love the pale blues, please post the end product for us all to admire.

    Cheers Barbara

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