The things people do…

July 5, 2011 § 7 Comments

Have you noticed how bizarre weddings have become these days? It’s no longer about celebrating with family and friends, it’s about constructing to some “fairytale memory” in video and photos of something that wasn’t really like that at all. I know of people who’ve got all dressed up in their wedding finery weeks after the wedding to have photos taken because the weather wasn’t nice on their wedding day! I think this is crazy. The world isn’t perfect, it is what it is, and your wedding day is what it is, too. What’s the point in looking at “wedding photos” that aren’t really wedding photos but something concocted weeks later?

What brought this rant on?

I took these photos when we were down at the Rocks one day of a bride and groom in the middle of the road. I just thought it was strange. What do you think.



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§ 7 Responses to The things people do…

  • jan Weisser says:

    I agree, lots of unnecessary stuff going on with weddings. We had a simple wedding, no music, no flowers aside from a corsage and we have been married almost 51 years. We had a church full of people, family and friends. Went to my parent’s home for the reception and it was great.

  • Jan says:

    And you wonder why there are so many divorces. People think it is a fairy tale until they wake up one morning and realize Prince Charming is some buy expecting you to wash his boxer shorts. It would be more beneficial if the young folks of today understood that “reality” isn’t a tv show.

  • Vireya says:

    It does seem to have all become a bit crazy. People spend a fortune on their photo album, which lasted much longer than the marriage in a couple of cases I’ve observed. And forcing guests to wait for many hours between the ceremony and the reception while you traipse all over the city getting the photos done is a bit inconsiderate, too.

  • Dot says:

    You’re not wrong! Am in the middle of it at the moment with our youngest! All about creating the memory… but I keep telling her it’s years since we looked at our wedding photos! It makes the day (& the lead-up) so stressful, wanting everything perfect, like the fairytale dream.
    Mind you, having photos not taken on the day was also the case in the days when photography wasn’t so portable. Back in the 19th century people would dress in their finery again after the wedding and go off to the photographer’s studio to have their photos taken. Often the flowers weren’t actually theirs, but were the bouquet the photographer kept in his studio for that week’s photos.

  • Doris says:

    If we raise our daughters to think that marriage is their ultimate goal, what else can we expect?

    • Dot says:

      Definitely not the case with my lot. Although their father and I have stayed married, they have close family modelling of singledom, and most other forms of partnerships. They grew up with ‘girls can do anything’ stickers on all available surfaces and ready acceptance of their right to live their lives the was they wanted. This is the first wedding and likely to be the only wedding and they are all in their 30s.

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