Quilting the wall hanging

June 18, 2011 § 1 Comment

I started the cross hatch quilting on the wall hanging and I was very happy with the way it was going when there was an interesting conversation on quilting density on the Yahoo quiltsbyhand group.

Doris asked a question about quilting density and Sylvia gave a really comprehensive answer which got me thinking, that my wall hanging may have a problem.

Sylvia pointed out that quilts that have differing quilting densities in different areas of the quilt can have problems. That sounded like a description of the wall hanging as I wasn’t planning on quilting the appliqué at all and the central medallion is quite a large percentage of the quilt.

So after I had done all the cross hatching, I had to set to and start quilting around the appliqué.



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§ One Response to Quilting the wall hanging

  • sylvia says:

    Having large open spaces and uneven quilting density also causes stress points on the quilt sandwich. Having your quilting evenly spaced allows the work of holding it together to be evenly distributed. Make sense? Look at a tied quilt. If you don’t tie it close enough, the tied points will wear thru faster than anywhere else…

    So glad to be able to help…

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