What’s your favourite thimble?

May 19, 2011 § 5 Comments

This is a photo of my favourite thimble. It’s a Clover adjustable brass thimble. This is a small one but even so I’ve got the adjustable bits crossed over. I nearly bought a fancy silver one a couple of years ago when I visited Jinny Beyer’s Studio. The trouble was that I was a size they didn’t have. They very kindly gave me details of the website that makes them. However when I contacted the makers they were very unhelpful and so I decided to keep my $80 and make do.

I have a had a Thimblelady’s thimble which works brilliantly if you use her quilting technique but personally I don’t find that technique pleasing to do even though it results in beautiful, small, even stitches. (How contrary can you get?)

What’s your favourite thimble?

[Excuse the photos, still on the old laptop. The Mac issue is proving drawn out and may be hugely expensive {sigh}]


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§ 5 Responses to What’s your favourite thimble?

  • Linda says:

    I have never been able to use a thimble. It used to drive my mom and sister crazy! I guess I was contrary, too….lol

  • Julie Fukuda says:

    My favorite was a silver thimble I got for my 21st birthday, a family tradition. Unfortunately it was stolen so my now favorite is one made by clover and it is blue rubber. There are two in a pack and they eventually get full of holes but it works so nicely and is so comfortable I will probably never go back to metal.

  • Cindi says:

    I don’t use a thimble either. I use those little pads that you stick on the end of your fingers. One pad can usually last me a quilt or two. Love’em!!

  • sylvia says:

    My favorite thimble is my T J Lane thimble. But like you say Munaiba, it’s quite expensive. I had to try on about 15 of them before I found the one that fit so I do NOT recommend them to people who can only purchase them thru mail order. It has a pansy on the top and I’ve often thought of painting on it. 🙂 But should I ever lose it, heaven forbid, I’d buy one just like in your photo…

  • Doris says:

    Hi Munaiba,
    Love, love, love my Roxanne thimble. Very much like yours. Once I spent 30 minutes trying on TJ Lane thimbles. I don’t know who was more frustrated me or the shop owner. Turned out to be a good thing because I then had Didi (Roxanne) fit me in 30 seconds.

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