Off to the Craft Expo…

March 12, 2011 § 1 Comment

I’m off to the Craft Expo this morning. They’re a bit funny about photos but I’ll take my camera anyway and see if I can take some photos to show you.

I’m looking for fabric that has teal and purple in it. I’ve been collecting teals and purples and I have 21 teals and 19 purples of ordinary cotton fabric. I have one that has teal AND purple and some beautiful teal and purple batiks. I have no idea what I’m going to make with them – it’s just fermenting in my head.

In the meantime I started an applique project. I’m using my Trace and Baste technique. If you’re interested to know how to do that you can find an article I wrote and a block to practice it on in the this month’s (March) issue of The Quilt Pattern Magazine. I haven’t done enough to show you yet but hopefully in the next couple of days I’ll be able to show you something.

Don’t forget the Poll…

I’m really grateful to those of you who have voted in the poll. Only 8 of you, however, have entered the giveaway by commenting after you voted. I’ll keep the poll and give-away open until Sunday and then I’ll draw a winner.

…and the Quilt Auction

Only 3 days to go and we haven’t reached the reserve yet. (We’re almost there) If you know of anyone who would love a 1930s repro quilt and would like to know that the proceeds are going such a wonderful cause please pass on the word. The story is here and the bid page is here. If you have a blog I’d be very grateful if you could post about it. Feel free to use any of the text or photos related to this. Thank you.


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  • Dot says:

    I love teal and purple too Munaiba… but teal is such a difficult colour to pin down. I was planning a quilt for my nephew in his favourite footie team colours (black, white & teal blue) but the right colour was very hard to find and I have several so-called ‘teal’ pieces that were nowhere near the right colour. I’d be interested to see the range of teals you ahve in your collection.

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