I hope you don’t mind but I have a question to ask you…

December 30, 2010 § 20 Comments

It’s not a quilt question but it is important. When did you last have your Vitamin D levels checked?

I live in Sydney, Australia where we get more sunshine than most places so you’d think we’d all be fine. However at a recent “sit and sew” I heard four of the women around the table say that they had low levels of Vitamin D. I was surprised but I didn’t think any more about it. Then another friend told me she had a recent blood test and had found that she too had low Vitamin D. As I was planing to have my cholesterol etc. tested soon, I decided to ask for some other tests to be done at the same time, including Vitamin D.

I was astonished to find that according to this test I am “severely vitamin D deficient”! The result was so low the lab ran the tests twice to make sure they had it right. I had no idea. So I’m asking you “Do you know what your vitamin D levels are?”. And if not then “When’s your D-day?” – the day when you go to get tested? Do go and find out if you haven’t been tested recently.

Usually we get most of our vitamin D from the effect of sun on our skin but it appears that due to worries about melanoma we all get less sun and wear more sunscreen and our diets are also not providing us with all that we need.

I hope you didn’t mind my asking and I hope that you’ll pass on the message on the email lists you belong to as it’s especially important for good bone health. But that’s not all. Apparently lack of vitamin D can cause mood swings, depression, fatigue, sleep disorders and a host of other things too. Don’t put it off. Make one day next week your D-day and let me know how you go.

By the way feel free to copy the image and stick it on your blog or site.

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§ 20 Responses to I hope you don’t mind but I have a question to ask you…

  • Pamela says:

    Mine were very, very low too. I think it is becoming more common.

  • Nancy says:

    Funny you should ask. The last time I had bloodwork done, they said the same thing. I started taking Vitamin D right away. I think they didn’t always test. It is the new thing.

  • Cathy A. says:

    The last time mine were checked, they were okay. However, that was because I’d been taking a supplement for awhile. I live in the northern part of the northern hemisphere where it’s really common to be deficient. It’s also more effective to use a liquid or a gel-capsule type supplement because it is absorbed much better.

  • KK Batte says:

    I have Multiple Sclerosis. It has been said that all MSer’s have low calcium/vitamin D levels. Had mine checked last month. Extremely low numbers.

    Maybe someone should design a cow quilt to remind us to get more vitamin D!


  • My husband who does obsetrics in South Australia now regularly checks his anti natal patients – he reconds that at least 50% are vitamin D deficient.

  • Rachel says:

    I had mine checked recently because of severe fatigue and scored a 12 out of an optimum of 80. My iron stores were severely deficient too. I discovered the problem when I joined a gym – instead of my energy levels increasing as I exercised, I felt like I was going to collapse by about 4pm each day. I’ve been on Ostelin & FeFol for a month now and can really feel the difference! Miss one dose and I can barely drag myself out of bed. Thanks for highlighting this.

  • Annette in NC, USA says:

    I have osteoporosis and so I take calcuim with vitamin D twice a day. My levels were low before I was put on meds for the osteo. I also get an IV once a year for the osteo.

  • SheilaC says:

    My levels were very low too!! I am now on prescription supplements and I have to get a recheck soon.


  • I had mind checked at my recent physical and, for someone living in New England for the past 30+ years, my levels were surprising…well within normal range! However, in light of my age, my doc suggested starting on a D supplement as well as calcium. It will be interesting to see what my blood test results show next year.


  • jan Weisser says:

    I had to quit taking my D supplement when I had my knee surgeries but now I have started again. I take 2000 mg daily and feel mine is down since I’m so tired and depressed. Hopefully I can get it up again and feel alive.

  • Linda says:

    I’ve never had it measured, but I take a supplement anyway. No reason to take chances! My daughter is 26, and her doctor has her taking a supplement, also.

  • Marshall says:

    I think my levels are fine, but my husband was severely deficient as well, which in turn affects calcium absorption. In his case, he has Celiac’s Disease (otherwise known as a gluten allergy) and since adjusting his diet, his mood, health and energy levels have vastly improved. It was rather amazing to see the transformation!

  • Tine says:

    I had mine checked last winter, and was so low that I had to take a triple dosage every day for 6 months before going back to have it checked again. I do feel much better now. I was really tired, and I got sick all the time. Not so anymore 🙂

  • Cathi says:

    Living in Canada, I’ve been taking Vitamin D regularly for years. I can actually feel the difference if I don’t take it.

  • niki says:

    well i’m the same way. i live in arizona, USA where it’s always sunny. my vit D was so low I could barely function. My B12 was too. So now I’m on daily supplements.
    I’ve also been diagnosed recently with hashimoto’s disease(thyroid issues) and they now suspect lupus too. more and more testing. very important to know your levels! thanks!

  • Ute Wegener says:

    I too had a deficiency for a while despite working outdoors, in the sun and not always using sunscreen. I was drinking lots of water, always felt thirsty and of course we are told that drinking 2l of water a day was healthy. My Vit D levels went back to normal when I stopped drinking that much water, my body adjusted to that after a fairly short time too and I have not had trouble since. I have had a full blood test once a year for many years now, it helps trouble shooting early on.

  • Shaaryn says:

    I live in Brisbane Australia, go regularly to the beach, have a swimming pool at home, …and my latest blood test results came back…Vit D deficient! So my doctor has told me I have to take Vit D supplements…so has the sun changed? The doctor says it’s because we all slip slop slap now, but I hated to tell her that I rarely do…I’m not out for long periods of exposure, rarely more than 20 solid minutes at a time, so feel that my skin can cope with that…and I’m still Vit D deficient. But on reading Ute’s post…I too usually drink a fair bit during the day, but more cups of tea than water! I think the researchers need to do more work!

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