Quilters in second life???!!!!!

September 23, 2010 § 13 Comments

I don’t know about you but I have enough trouble keeping track of what I have to do and finding time to do it AND quilt in this life. However, it seems, some people who have more hours in the day than I do, also live a quilting life in Second Life!

I don’t know a lot about Second Life. I’ve just heard about it on TV. It’s a sort of virtual reality where people lead a “second life” but live it the way they wish it really was. My feeling is that we’re better off to try to make this life better but that’s just my opinion. Anyway as I was reading a blog today I saw a link to quilters in Second Life so I took a peek. Here’s the link to a blog that details the doings of the Second Life Quilters complete with quilt shows, winners and ribbons! I guess if you can’t actually do, you can pretend to do…  Oh my!

Mr Tiggy takes up meditation…

I’ve spoken of Mr Tiggy before. He loves all things soft and quilty.

In fact I’m sure he thinks I make them just for him to lounge around on.

Now he’s taken over my meditation mat for a spot contemplation. A bit much really!

Well, it looks more like sleep to me but he insists it’s not.


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§ 13 Responses to Quilters in second life???!!!!!

  • Liz Wright says:

    i have to agree with you that there is so much to do in this life and things to improve before i need to worry about a second life. each to his own i guess, or her own ! i am too down to earth and practical to be in such a place. comtemplation and a good stare and thoughts about others and being busy with life keep me happy and satisfied.

  • Like you, I have trouble keeping up with the one I’m living now, can’t imagine living another one in cyber space. Besides when would I get to blog then :o)

  • Tateru Nino says:

    I’m afraid that any information you’re likely to get about Second Life from television or the newspapers is going to be hopelessly wrong… and that’s the best case. In general, the people providing those stories know as little about it as you do. Regrettable, but there it is.

    • sewjournal says:

      Thanks for your comment.I did actually say I didn’t know much but I did see a program where people who “lived” second life showed what and how they lived in second life. How much money they actually made from it i.e. Selling virtual clothes and real estate etc. To each his/her own. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  • Doris says:

    I don’t know anything about having(?) a Second Life but it seems to me to be a way to stretch creatively. I also imagine it’s intellectually challenging. A real work out for the brain. Compare this with sitting in front of the tube.

    My computer is loaded with quilt & knitting designs. I can spend hours with Corel designing a quilt & then figuring out how to sew it. I get a chance to stretch creatively and learn. There’s not much scope for expression if one is the designer AND the craftsman.

    We all have multiple lives–some we even call lives–our professional life, our family life but we can go on from there. We also sit on boards of charities, volunteer, quilt, knit, are Formula 1 fans, opera fanatics, balletomanes, raise or hybridize roses, a member of the Baker street Irregulars, work for political candidates, teach yoga, & etc. These are all lives. When we’re in one it’s total immersion–different people–different goals.

    I say the more lives the better. I know I wouldn’t want to be stuck with a dinner companion with only 1 life.


    • sewjournal says:

      Good points Doris.I guess I was surprised because quilters seem to have so many projects on the go at any one time and have problems completing and I thought of having all those WIPs and UFOs in a virtual reality as well as this one. lol

  • Tateru Nino says:

    That’s a great point, Doris 🙂

    I know I’ve been trapped in conversations with people who can only ever seem to talk about one thing. Before long you’re considering if you can fake a sudden-onset spinal-fracture to get away from it.

  • Dorie Bernstein says:

    I am in Second Life. It’s been hugely useful for me in a variety of ways, including a creative outlet that is less expensive than the regular trips to Dick Blick’s for supplies each month. I have found my offline social interactions to be easier to navigate and endure because of the time spent in SL. I’m Aspie. Social situations can be a bit stressful for me, and I rarely am very good at them.

    But quilting…I use quilt patterns in SL. I will build a pattern with prims (basically building blocks in shapes that can be cut and manipulated to create objects). I discovered that the geometric and patterns helped me while I was dealing with severe emotional strain. My mind would work on the emotional stuff, creating patterns and putting all into order while I did the building of quilts. One of my quilts took over 500 prims to complete. Yes, that was during a nasty emotional time.

    Second Life can be used for good or ill, just like anything in life. It’s all what you make of it, what you put into it. You can meet people who share your interests. You can share your visions through building and creating inworld. You can use it for art, socializing with others, or just exploring the awesome creations others have made. You don’t have to log in every day to benefit from it.

    I’ve been in SL for over 5 years now. And even my mom is inworld! She manages a community that supports stroke survivors and those on the autism spectrum, a community started by a dear friend years ago.

    BTW, I am always looking for neat quilt patterns to create in Second Life… 😀

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  • tangerinekey says:

    I am a quilter in both real life and in second life. I have created virtual quilts that are based on actual quilts I have made and others that are purely imaginary. I have participated in virtual quilt shows, belong to a second life quilt guild and even had a virtual quilt store for awhile. My husband likes that my virtual projects take up so little space in our house. 🙂

  • Ha Ha … You think Mr. Tiggy is just a mild mannered cat lounging around but really hes plotting his next takover of the world.

    I had to have a look at this Second Life thingy. Lets hope Im not sucked into its vortex…lol


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